H2H Coaching Co.

Human to Human Coaching

In order for you to have a successful B2B or B2C business, you must master the H2H. All businesses have one common denominator, they all have humans working to achieve a common goal and that’s for other humans to engage with your business.

At H2H Coaching, we are a team of certified executive coaches and emotional intelligence assessors. Other words, we are trained professionals that partner with leaders to achieve and exceed their goals using their emotions. Developing our soft skills not only is a positive contribution to our bottom line but what creates fulfillment, collaboration, communication, and passion. 

For successful teams, emotional intelligence at work is equally if not more important than a high IQ. High emotional intelligence, or EQ, is associated with good people skills, successful leadership, and sound decision-making. Emotional intelligence centers around becoming aware and in control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions and being intentional and purposeful in your life.

When leaders can tap into their emotional intelligence they create deeper meaningful work for their teams and longer lasting relationship with clients. Sounds amazing right?

Emotional intelligence is a skill set that’s measurable, learnable, and scientifically validated. Our mission at H2H Coaching Co.’s is to help you develop a higher EQ and the related soft skills that impact the most important thing in business, the people!

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Executive Coaching and EQ Training

We’re passionate about helping create the best humans possible!

What We Offer

In order to create the best humans possible, we work with our clients through coaching, assessments and workshops.