Create Sustainable and Positive Change For Your Team and Organization With Group Coaching

Is Group Coaching Right For You?

We believe that coaching isn’t just something the executives should only receive in an organization. Creating a culture that embraces coaching is a major foundation block to fostering and developing engagement, healthy communication & feedback, performance and most importantly employees feeling empowered and fulfilled. This all sounds magical, doesn’t it? Hire a coach to come in and all of those previous points will come true; well not quite.

Organizations hire H2H Coaching to provide group and team coaching because we don’t do the work for you, we support you and challenge you, while you do all the work. We help identify your goal and keep you accountable to it.

Why Would An Organization Need Group Coaching?

Whether you’re a small nonprofit fundraising team or a large corporate sales team, a group approach to coaching can yield significant results for the team as a whole and for the individuals who make up the team. H2H Team Coaching facilitates real and meaningful change through increased emotional intelligence. Group coaching helps you become a tight-knit team where communication is king, motivation runs high, and goals are no match for the team’s soft skills.

How Long Should You Engage in Group Coaching?

Before we engage with any organization in group coaching, we take the appropriate measures to understand your current situation and what you want success to look like at the end of our engagement. Based on what we learn and establish, we will then create a custom program tailored to all your specifics. Quite often our group coaching engagements will be for:

  • Half-day intensive (4 hours)
  • Full-day intensive (8 hours)
  • 90-date (90-minute session once a month)

What Are The Benefits For You and Your Organization?

When looking at the benefits of group coaching, we must look at the benefits from two angles; the benefits for the organization and the benefits for the group members.

The Benefits of Group Coaching for an Organization

  • Develops leadership at the foundational core; regardless of current title or experience with the company.
  • Promotes and empowers a culture of learning development, collaboration and to take and receive feedback positively.
  • Encourages improvement and change of new processes, strategies, leadership, and direction.
  • Breaks away from any silo mentality across or within departments
  • Creates accountability to organizations goal at the personal, department, and organization levels
  • Establishes professionals boundaries and rules of engagement with team members.

The Benefits of Group Coaching for the Team Members

  • Develops and enhances emotional intelligence.
  • Empowers and promotes members to contribute their ideas and give feedback without judgment.
  • Inspires and ignites creative thinking and ideation.
  • Decreases dependency on management and empowers group members to take charge.
  • Enhancement of adaptability.

How to Get Your Organization Started?

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    1. We’ll discuss what your current situation looks like.
    2. Explore what you want to achieve for your organization through group coaching.
  3. We’ll partner together to create a plan to achieve those goals.
  4. We get started.

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