Leadership Coaching Improves Relationships for Greater Leader Effectiveness

H2H Coaching Co. is passionate about helping leaders develop higher emotional intelligence for productive, collaborative relationships and better decision-making. Leadership coaching can make an enormous difference in your effectiveness as a leader, and it can transform your relationships at work and in your personal life.

Leadership, according to the esteemed author Gilbert W. Fairholm, is not a starring role. It’s a collaboration that happens as the result of leader and follower working together to achieve mutual goals. It’s an “expression of collective, community action.” An important key to good leadership is developing personal relationships with your team, clients, vendors, and whoever else you need on your side to make every project a collaborative success.

Leadership Coaching Improves Relationship Skills

Back in the days of three-martini lunches, cigars in the boardroom, and calling the receptionist “honey,” corporate leaders could hole up in their gilded offices and command fear and respect by virtue of their titles, their scowls, and their formidable masculine and militaristic behaviors.

Fast forward to the modern age, where an enormous body of research shows that autocratic leadership results in a distinct lack of creativity and high turnover at the office. We’re a little kinder and gentler in the executive suite, where we now know that relationships are central to a culture of sustainability, and in fact, they’re at the very core of an organization’s success.

According to an analysis by Six Seconds, the world’s foremost authority on emotional intelligence, some of the words used to describe an effective leader includes understanding, listening, caring, positive, personal, helpful, approachable, supportive, encouraging, and genuine. Relationships are the foundation of effective teamwork. They promote a climate of high engagement and precipitate a positive change in the organization.

Leadership coaching helps you develop the fundamental relationship skills and strategies that translate to better employee performance, improved decision-making, and a workplace culture that fosters creativity and productivity. Here are some of the ways H2H Coaching Co. can help you improve your relationship and leadership skills.

1. Increase open-mindedness.

Good leaders make sure everyone has a voice, and they keep an open mind when it comes to other points of view. Leadership coaching helps you strike a balance between empathy and decision-making. Sometimes, you’ll have to make choices that won’t please everyone, but you can manage the fallout in a way that leaves everyone feeling like they’ve been heard and that their opinions matter.

What you can do: Solicit your team’s thoughts and perspectives on addressing new challenges and going after new opportunities. Look at the big picture, and consider each idea in that context. After you make a decision, share it with the team, along with the criteria you used to make it. Click here to add your own text

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2. Know and understand what drives your employees.

Leaders who are driven by relationships strive to help each member of their team develop professionally and achieve their goals. Leadership coaching helps you create a culture of learning and perpetual improvement at work.

What you can do: Meet one-on-one with your team members regularly, and get to know their strengths, career aspirations, and goals. Discuss what’s working and what isn’t, and identify opportunities for training and development. Advocating for your team members puts them squarely in your corner and helps them hone their skills for better performance all around.

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3. Read people and respond empathetically.

Treating your employees as people rather than cogs in a machine deepens your relationship with them and increases loyalty and job satisfaction. Leadership coaching helps you increase empathy and learn to “read” people, listen effectively, and communicate in ways that put people squarely in your corner.

What you can do: Ask questions, and listen. Have conversations about their ideas and opinions, and share yours. Demonstrate an interest in your team members as people, and it will increase their commitment to the job and create a culture of personal value and responsibility.

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4. Foster teamwork and collaboration.

Problems within the team can spell trouble for your projects and the organization as a whole. An effective leader brings the team together in pursuit of a common goal, but when you’re dealing with different personalities and opinions, it can get dicey. Leadership coaching helps you develop the self-awareness, empathy, and optimism required for resolving conflict and creating an optimal work environment.

What you can do: Focus on creating a collaborative team culture that prioritizes the goals of the organization over any particular group or individual. Foster teamwork and cooperation through quality relationships and inside and outside activities, and you’ll create a workplace where everyone feels valued and indispensable.

Teamwork and Collaboration

5. Develop a leadership style that promotes trust and independence.

Teams who are constantly worried about repercussions have the antithesis of a growth mindset. Trust is at the center of relationships, and it’s central to creating a team that has the freedom to think creatively and take risks that may pay off in a big way. Leadership coaching helps you hone a leadership style that fosters trust and independence among the team while keeping you on top of the game.

What you can do: Encourage creativity and risk-taking, and let your team know that you trust them and are in their corner come rain or shine. When the creativity and risk-taking pay off, don’t be shy about enthusiastically celebrating with your team. And when it doesn’t, debrief as a team, impart the lessons, and move forward all the wiser.

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H2H Leadership Coaching Pays Off

Relationships aren’t everyone’s forte, but you can improve your relationship skills exponentially by increasing your emotional intelligence. Leadership coaching leads to higher emotional intelligence and enables you to empathize with others and understand what drives and motivates them. It helps you recognize your own and others’ patterns and navigate your emotions in a way that shows control and consistency and increases the trust others have in you.

H2H Coaching Co. offers a range of assessments to measure your effectiveness as a leader and identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Our one-on-one leadership coaching meets you where you are and gets you to where you want to be. Contact us today, and let us help you tap into the qualities that differentiate the good leaders from the great ones.

Jesse Galvon Reid

Jesse Galvon Reid

Co-Founder | Executive Coach | EQ Assessor