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Human to Human Coaching Company was founded by husband-and-wife team Chris and Jesse Reid, two humans with a burning passion for helping leaders, founders and organizations improve their relationships, improve motivation, identify their purpose, and become more effective and accountable in to their teams, clients and themselves.

At H2H Coaching, we focus on stuff people like to put blinders on, hide from, or just plain avoid, and that’s the soft skills; emotional intelligence (EQ). When we work wtih organizations to improve their overall EQ, it helps them to increase self-awareness for themselves, teammates and clients. They find they establish sustainable and directed motivation which leads to a culture of creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, strong communication and alignment. Sound awesome? We think so, too.

Whether you’ve hit a roadblock with your team, yourself or simply want to increase your effectiveness as a leader and motivator, coaching may be the answer you’re looking for. We’ll help you recognize the long-held patterns and outdated beliefs that are no longer serving you—and which may be holding you back from greatness. Our mission is to help you gain the clarity and insight you need to improve your work-life balance, spark your motivation and passion, and increase your effectiveness in all you do. Increased emotional intelligence has far-reaching effects at home and at work and leads to greater job and life satisfaction.

H2H Coaching works with individuals, executives, and teams, and we offer workshops, training, and group sessions to take your company back to where it started, and that’s with the people!

Chris Reid H2H Coaching

Chris Reid

Chris is a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Trainer. He brings a unique background unlike many, having spent time an investment banker, in a submarine with the Royal Canadian Navy, and to becoming an industry leading salesperson and leader in tech. But it’s when Chris became a coach he then found the love for developing people and helping them to be the bad ass leaders they truly are.

Chris is easy-going, approachable, and insightful and will always tell you the truth. He emphasizes developing and strengthening the soft skills that are so important in today’s corporate workplace. Chris helps executives hone their emotional intelligence and develop an effective leadership style that drives results and inspires the team. He  helps individuals, teams and organizations build a solid foundation of trust, develop a cohesive identity, and fuel the drive and motivation that’ll put them on top.

Chris specializes in helping:

  • Executives who want to increase their effectiveness and create a winning workplace culture that aligns with their values, beliefs, and purpose.
  • Executives who are moving into new leadership roles.
  • Group coaching with mid-level managers to develop and enhance soft skills for performance, trust and communication within departments and teams.
  • Sales leaders who want to create a successful culture and team for outbound sales.
  • Group coaching with sales teams to create strong Sales EQ.
  • Individual sales people who want to become better at relationship sales.
  • Custom coaching plans based off clients specifics needs.

It was his childhood dream to have his own AM radio show, so when podcasts became a  thing, he created his own show called Trust the Process Show. A podcast where he connects with people who have been successful in their area of expertise, talking with people like Olympic Gold Medalist, Donovan Bailey, Academy Award Winner, Adam Leipzig, to motivational speakers like Walter Bond.

Outside of coaching you will find Chris with his family, and working with his son on their YouTube channel, E & D Angry Productions. Where him and his step-son Emilio make LEGO stop motion animation movies.

Chris also believes in volunteer work and that’s why he became the Chief Fundraising Officer for the Victoria Children with Autism Society, VSCA. Alongside that role, you can also find him wearing the santa suit at the children’s Christmas party and helping out at other events.

Chris welcomes anyone reaching out with questions. Feel free to reach him by email, LinkedIn, or phone.

Jesse Galvon Reid

Jesse Galvon Reid

Jesse is an SEI-certified life, parent, and business coach with a background in financial services, business consulting, entrepreneurship, and working with kickass men and women who are ready to break free from the emotional chains that are holding them back in their personal lives and in their careers.

Jesse’s research-based, scientific approach is injected with her own brand of passion, humor, and mad analytical skills. She reveres brain science, actionable strategies, and helping others find purpose, motivation, and success in life. Jesse will help you examine your subconscious patterns and faulty beliefs, identify your inherent strengths and values, and harness your intrinsic motivation so that you can break through your barriers and create the reality you want for yourself at home, at work, and in your relationships.