Emotional Intelligence Assessments

H2H Coaching Co. is a proud partner with Six Seconds, the world’s leader in emotional intelligence training and assessments. We’re fully trained and certified to offer a range of emotional intelligence assessments that will give you a snapshot of your current emotional intelligence and spark the shift you or your organization are seeking.

All of the assessments H2H Coaching offers are created by Six Seconds and based on a large body of scientific research. Each assessment includes an hourlong debrief and a detailed printed report highlighting the results. We’ll recommend areas for improvement, and we’ll give you meaningful, actionable steps to get you to where you want to be.

emotional intelligence assessments


The SEI Leadership Assessment provides you with a clear picture of your emotional intelligence in the context of leadership. A 25-page report helps you identify areas ripe for growth and development, with transformational results. During your hourlong debrief, we’ll tailor an action plan to help you boost your EQ and facilitate personal and professional growth across eight fundamental skills.

The SEI Leadership assessment is ideal for:

  • Professional development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Succession planning
  • Application screening.

To learn about the many ways in which executives and companies can benefit from the SEI Leadership assessment, read these case studies starring Fed-Ex, Amadori, Komatsu and the US Navy.

emotional intelligence assessments 360

SEI 360

The SEI 360 measures an individual’s emotional intelligence performance, or how their EQ impacts others. Employees give feedback anonymously about substantive, practical items, and they have the opportunity to add detailed feedback or evidence on each item. Comparing your self-assessment to the employees’ assessments gives you unique, valuable insight into your effectiveness and the impact of your emotional intelligence on the team.

The SEI 360 is ideal for:

  • Leadership development
  • Performance appraisals

Vital Signs

The Vital Signs assessment measures the performance of the leadership team and provides actionable feedback to help hone leadership qualities and create positive shifts in personal and team performance.

A winning team is a happy team that’s motivated, focused, and collaborative. The Vital Signs assessment is an evaluation tool that offers real-time feedback about the team as a unit. It provides actionable steps for improving the EQ of the team and offers a clear vision forward for team and leadership growth and development.

The Vital Signs assessment is ideal for:

  • Professional and team development.
  • Leadership performance appraisals.
  • Identifying development needs.
  • Measuring and quantifying individual and team soft skills.
  • Creating new strategies within a team.