Every person and organization has unique objectives, goals, strengths, and challenges. Each coaching program is customized to define and meet your needs. We can also create a custom program for you that combines coaching, assessment, and workshop services in a way that best suits you and your organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves one-on-one sessions that help you recognize old, unhelpful patterns that are holding you back from realizing your true leadership potential. Individual coaching helps you develop your leadership style, communicate with greater impact, prioritize and delegate more effectively, and wield more influence in the workplace. A holistic approach helps you maintain optimal life-work balance to maximize your energy and perform at your highest level.

Team & Group Coaching

Whether you’re a small nonprofit fundraising team or a large corporate sales team, a group approach to coaching can yield significant results for the team as a whole and for the individuals who make up the team. H2H Team Coaching facilitates real and meaningful change through increased emotional intelligence. Group coaching helps you become a tight-knit team where communication is king, motivation runs high, and goals are no match for the team’s soft skills.

Sales coaching

Sales is a special bird, and H2H understands the unique challenges faced by the sales force. According to the Corporate Executive Board, sales coaching can increase top-line revenue by up to 20 percent. Sales coaching helps you hone your emotional intelligence to better hear and empathize with your prospects, key into their needs, and effectively address their objections. It helps you dial in the right level of assertiveness, cultivate your pitch, and create meaningful partnerships with your clients.