H2H is happy to bring our workshops to your place of business to help increase productivity, effectiveness, and motivation. We work with leadership, employees, and teams to increase emotional intelligence and enhance soft skills for a happier and more productive workforce. Our training and workshops are professional development sessions used as a precursor to a coaching package, which is an excellent way to cement and build upon the learned concepts.

Lunch and Learn

A fun and energetic interactive workshop perfect for the lunch hour, Lunch & Learn is an overview of emotional intelligence and how it impacts communication, motivation, and productivity. Participants learn practical strategies for increasing emotional intelligence and applying EQ principles on the job and at home.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Learn how emotional intelligence impacts your productivity, motivation, optimism, and overall happiness. This workshop covers the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, from recognizing patterns in your life that are holding you back to increasing empathy and identifying noble goals. You and your employees will come away with greater clarity and a host of actionable steps to increase your EQ and facilitate personal and professional growth and development.

What the Leadersh!ft Workshop

A 12-week program designed specifically for the leadership team (up to six participants,) What the Leadersh!ft includes assessments, group coaching, one-on-one sessions, and access to on-the-spot coaching for solving problems in real-time. Participants will learn how emotional intelligence plays a major predictive role in leadership success. You will improve individual and team EQ for greater effectiveness in reaching personal, team, and organisational goals. Each group member will create a goal with a timeline and work toward achieving it during the workshop. A pre- and post- EQ assessment will illustrate your growth, and you’ll end up with a host of tools and resources that you can use and apply with your team.

What the Leadersh!ft Boost

A mini-version of What the Leadersh!ft, our What the Leadersh!ft Boost one-on-one workshop is designed for CEOs, executives, and management-level employees. We begin with an EQ assessment that provides a snapshot of your current leadership skills. During the one-hour debrief, we’ll discuss the results of the assessment and identify areas for improvement. A one-hour EQ Boost strategy session follows, leaving you with practical and actionable strategies to implement in your life to improve social and emotional awareness, manage stress, lead with better results, and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with staff and clients.