Emotional Intelligence and Real Estate

Why Emotional Intelligence Belongs In Real Estate

As a broker and agent, you know that buying real estate is one of the biggest purchases your clients will ever make, and that comes with some heavy emotions. Your job isn’t just to facilitate a transaction but to connect to your clients and their emotions, earn their trust, and lead them through the process of buying or selling in a way that makes them happy and earns you money.

At H2H Coaching Co, we leave selling real estate to you, the experts. But what we do is support you, the agent, in developing your emotional intelligence so that you can know your clients and yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Stop for a moment and think: What would selling or buying real estate with your clients look like if you could better understand the emotional triggers that may hold them back from signing that contract? Orl lead them to pull out from a sale? Greater emotional intelligence means you’re better able to influence the decisions of others. It also means you’re better able to manage your own responses to triggers, which can reduce your stress and help you make better decisions, too.

For many of the top brokers and agents, emotional intelligence is (even if they don’t know it) one of the top reasons they are successful. At the end of the day, real estate is a human-to-human (H2H) transaction, and high emotional intelligence makes a broker invaluable to a buyer or seller on many levels.

Here are three ways real estate professionals can improve key areas of emotional intelligence to better connect with and succeed with buyers and sellers.


Having empathy is the ability to step into someone else’s shoes and recognize how they are actually feeling. This sounds easy, but for many, this can be a real challenge. Empathy requires you to step away from your judgment or opinions and come to a spot of understanding.

Buying real estate is a huge deal for many, and emotions can run high. As an agent or broker, when you use empathy, you have the ability to recognize what excites your client and what scares the hell out of them. Flexing your empathy will give you an edge that you can use to soothe fears and capitalize on your client’s motivation.


A key element of your emotional intelligence self awareness, which is recognizing and understanding your emotions are at any given moment. Brokers or agents with high emotional intelligence are very aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They understand how certain behaviours of clients may trigger them and how those triggers can lead to a sale falling through or a listing going to another brokerage firm or agent.

As an agent or broker, it’s important to understand your triggers and the emotions, feelings, and behaviors that come from them. This level of self awareness will allow you to be far better at taking criticism and feedback from your clients or prospective clients. You will have the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected, and when you can remain in this state, you are able to think more clearly and make rational and proactive decisions. It’s the difference between preventing fires and scrambling to put them out.

Understand How Your Emotions Affect Others

As humans, we have what are called mirror neurons, which are a type of brain cell that responds in the same manner whether we perform an action or we witness someone perform that same action. Essentially, this means that emotions are contagious.

If you are not fully present or checked in with your client, your feelings and emotions will (consciously or not) go back to your client, and let’s be honest: Your client isn’t going to want to make one of the biggest purchases in their life if they feel you don’t care about THEM.

There is a big difference between caring about your client and only caring about selling your client’s property.

The Long Lasting Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Real Estate

Improving your emotional intelligence will help you create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your clients. After all, real estate is all about relationships, and relationships in real estate are what drive referrals and repeat business.

If you and your team are interested in learning more about the importance of emotional intelligence in real estate, reach out to our team at H2H Coaching Co. We are the leader in emotional intelligence coaching, assessments and workshops.